Alaskans know climate change...

...and through art we can share our observations, solutions, reflections, stories, and  grievances. We are calling on all artists, young and old, to share their climate change solutions through artistic expression.

This contest is free but in place of an entry fee we hope instead to engage and open a dialogue within our community about what has been called, ‘the greatest threat humanity has ever faced’ — climate change. Through art, collaboration, conversation, media-deliverables, presentations, exhibitions, and civil dialogue we hope this contest can inspire positive action in our local communities and throughout the state of Alaska.

Please read below for rules, suggestions, prize information, contacts, and dates.

Kachemak Bay Conservation Society (KBCS) and Kachemak Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve (KBNERR) art contest rules, suggestions, information, and downloadable artist release document can be found here.

Outline and rules:

Artists must be present at Kachemak Bay Conservation Societies’ annual Earth Day event to win. The event will be held at the Islands and Oceans Visitor Center on April 22, 2017 at 6:00PM. If you cannot attend the event because of unavoidable circumstances you must contact an art contest organizer beforehand and send someone in your place to read your art caption and collect your prize.

The theme for this art contest is, Climate Action on the Kenai.

All art must be submitted by
March 31, 2017

  • Artists must sign the release form, which allows KBCS to duplicate and reproduce artist’s original work, and allow KBCS to show the original art in public venues.
  • All art submissions must be accompanied by a short caption that describes the art and the climate action it elucidates.
  • All art must be submitted to the KBNERR building - 2181 Kachemak Dr, Homer, AK 99603
  • It is suggested but not requisite that all art submissions be two-dimensional. If art is not two-dimensional, please provide a high-resolution photograph along with your three-dimensional original art. If you can not produce a high resolution photograph please contact Bjorn Olson - for assistance.
  • Artists are encouraged but not required to donate their original art to KBCS, to be used in an auction fundraiser.
  • Each artist is allowed to submit more than one but no more than three pieces of original work.

Suggestions for artists:

The subject of climate change and climate change action is vast and there are many avenues and sub-topics an artist may chose to address in their art submission. Here are a few suggestions that may help refine your idea. These are only suggestions.

  • Climate Change Resiliency and Adaptation, e.g. local food security, energy independence, transportation, etc., etc.
  • Personal Choices, e.g. reducing personal carbon footprint, shopping, traveling, consuming choices, etc., etc.
  • State, National, And International Issues, e.g. politics
  • Personal Experience And Observations
  • Emotional Response
  • Interpretation of Scientific Data

Bringing Climate Change to Your Art Workshop Sessions:

During the second half of February, KBCS and KBNERR will be providing the public with opportunities to learn, share, and exchange ideas with scientists and artist on the subject of, bringing climate change and climate change action to your art. There will be three sessions for adults and three sessions for high school students.

The adult sessions will be held at the KBNERR building - 2181 Kachemak Dr, Homer, AK, and the dates are as follows:

February 14 6:00PM

February 21 6:00PM

February 28 6:00PM

The three High School Focus On Learning (FOL) Sessions will be held during the last period of the day. Dates TBD


Reminder: You must submit a short caption about your work and be present at the Earth Day event to win.

$500 Grand Prize (Youth or Adult are eligible to win the prestigious grand prize)

$300 first place adult

$300 first place youth

$200 second place adult

$200 second place youth

$100 third place adult

$100 third place youth

Laurels for Scientists Choice and Community Choice

5 runners-up will also be selected


The goal of this art contest is to expand the conversation of climate change through artistic expression; and interaction with scientists, artists, community/civic leaders, the citizens of the Kenai Peninsula and greater Alaska. With that in mind, there will be several events and outreach elements associated with the art contest and the submitted art:

  • Three adult and three high school, Bringing Climate Change to Your Art Workshop Sessions. Middle to late February at the Homer High School and KBNERR building. See above for more information.
  • KBNERR’s climate adaptation workshop on April 7-8 at Islands and Oceans
  • KBCS’ annual Earth Day event, where the prizes will be awarded, on April 22nd 6:00PM at Islands and Oceans
  • An exhibit at K-Bay Café, with a first Friday event for the month of May

Art Contest Organizer Contact List:

Bjørn Olson


Phone: (907) 756-1920

Syverine Abrahamson:


Phone: (907) 235-4791

Jessica Sheppherd:

Phone: (907) 235-4796

Kim McNett:


Phone: (907) 435-7480

Thank you for your interest in the Alaskans Know Climate Change Art Contest.

3734 Ben Walters Ln., Homer, AK 99603    •    (907) 235-8214   •    Fax (907) 235-4069    •