Kachemak Bay Conservation Society

Our Board

Roberta Highland, President

Roberta Highland, president and long time Board Member is now serving on the Issues and Comment Committee with Wendy Anderson.

Roberta was presented with the prestigious Celia Hunter Award for Outstanding Volunteer Contributions in 2013. She has been involved in conservation since 1986. Roberta has served on many boards since then — the longest being The Kachemak Bay Conservation Society. Roberta has worked on significant issues that have required statewide coordination for success. These include the creation of the Fritz Creek Anchor River Critical Habitat Area, for which she received an award from the Governor for her efforts, and the Kachemak Bay State Park buyback. She served as the Director of Home Health for seven years after she and an associate lobbied to bring a home health department to South Peninsula Hospital. Her involvement in local campaigns helped instigate a jet ski ban in Kachemak Bay, halt coal bed methane development, temporarily shut down the Drift River oil terminal, and purchase property for the local ski trail system in Homer.

Roberta is civically engaged through her seats on the Homer Advisory Planning Commission and the South Peninsula Hospital Service Area Board. She serves as President of the Kachemak Bay Equestrian Association. Roberta weighs in regularly on issues being discussed on local radio including KBBI’s Coffee Table or the statewide Talk of Alaska.

Her guiding principles embrace the Four E's: Environment, Economy, Energy, and Ethics. Using this approach, inspired by former Governor Jay Hammond, she strives to elevate important conservation issues and influence decision makers. “We are all in this together.” Roberta said, “So be respectful and nice to all-including those who disagree with us. . . I find that a sense of humor and talking about the weather is a good icebreaker, especially in Alaska. . . I make it a point to frequently talk to the 'other side,' if you will, because it does little good to just talk to each other.”

Her humor and optimism shine through all of her work. She believes we can all be a force for the change we want to see in the world. Her indomitable spirit is nourished by the belief that everything is connected and that protecting the earth and the life it sustains is the worthiest of causes.

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