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Alaska Sealife Center Last Updated on 2011-07-26 12:24:25 CRS: I’ve heard two of your passions are conservation and marine debris. You’re currently using both to communicate environmental issues.  What first inspired you to do this? HF: More appropriately, not what…but who.  My wife, Dyan. But let me tell you the full story.  For 25 years, Dyan and I (me more the object sherpa than the collector) have collected “found objects” in various areas we have lived including Alaska, Oregon and South Carolina, and where ever we travel.  The “found objects” took on a marine focus perhaps 20 years ago. Since we lived on the coast and the marine environment tends to accumulate objects to be found (better known as marine debris), it provided a wear and patina factor to objects telling a tale of their journey in the marine environment, and objects of various geographic origins offers a... More »