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The Super Salmon

A salmon in Alaska makes an unlikely journey on "the Mount Everest of rivers" - the Susitna - as residents consider the costs/benefits of a mega-dam.

On The Front Lines

Even Hopson is a 17-year old, student filmmaker from Utqiagvik (formerly Barrow), Alaska. He has created a short film titled, “Climate Change.” Few places in North America could be considered more on the front line of climate change than Utqiagvik. Stories from elders provide wisdom and a perspective about how much things have changed in Alaska in such a short time. Stories from youth are equally important. Alaska’s youth are waking up to the reality of climate change and realizing what they will inherit if we don’t begin to take corrective action now.

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How to Talk to a Climate Change Denier

Alaska is experiencing the effects of man-made climate change; from loss of sea ice, melting permafrost, coastal erosion, community relocation, and habitat loss to name a few. Alaskan's know climate change and science has predicted climate change, and yet, many in our state are still struggling to make these connections.

Talk to your children, to your friends, to your neighbors, and strangers about climate change - with respect and dignity.

Chuitna: More Than Salmon on the Line – Short.

This is a truncated re-edit of the film Chuitna: More Than Salmon on the Line-Short.

Watch the full movie, by Balance Media, here.

What is Ocean Acidification?

This is the first of a series, to see the complete collection click here.

Where the Heck is Donlin?

'Where the Heck is Donlin?' Most Alaskans have never even heard of the Donlin Gold Mine, despite the fact that this proposal would dwarf every gold mine in the state's history.

HB-77–The Silencing of Alaska Act

We Alaskans depend on our clean water and the salmon it sustains. Gov. Parnell and the Department of Natural Resources are trying to silence alaskans and curtail our decision making powers around how our resources are used. The Silencing Alaskans Act, House Bill 77, aims to cut Alaskans out of resource decisions by eliminating public comment periods, concentrating power in state government, and stripping away our right to keep water in streams.

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