Mission Statement

The Kachemak Bay Conservation Society’s mission is to protect the environment of the Kachemak Bay region and greater Alaska by encouraging sustainable use and stewardship of natural resources through advocacy, education, information, and collaboration.

Kachemak Bay Conservation Society is concerned with environmental protection of the Kachemak Bay region. The organization focuses on habitat and wildlife issues, wetlands protection, water quality, logging, oil and gas leases, energy conservation, sustainability issues, and land use planning. The Society monitors environmental issues locally and statewide.


Alaskans know climate change...

...and through art we can share our observations, solutions, reflections, stories, and  grievances. We are calling on all artists, young and old, to share their climate change solutions through artistic expression.

This contest is free but in place of an entry fee we hope instead to engage and open a dialogue within our community about what has been called, ‘the greatest threat humanity has ever faced’ — climate change. Through art, collaboration, conversation, media-deliverables, presentations, exhibitions, and civil dialogue we hope this contest can inspire positive action in our local communities and throughout the state of Alaska.

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