Kachemak Bay Conservation Society

Pledge Your Support to Keep PWC (Personal Water Craft) out of Kachemak Bay and Fox River Flats.

Mission Statement

The Kachemak Bay Conservation Society’s mission is to protect the environment of the Kachemak Bay region and greater Alaska by encouraging sustainable use and stewardship of natural resources through advocacy, education, information, and collaboration.

Kachemak Bay Conservation Society is concerned with environmental protection of the Kachemak Bay region. The organization focuses on habitat and wildlife issues, wetlands protection, water quality, logging, oil and gas leases, energy conservation, sustainability issues, and land use planning. The Society monitors environmental issues locally and statewide.

Solidarity and local action are at the core of Kachemak Bay Conservation Society's work.  

We would like to use our media platforms to help people support each other during the coronavirus pandemic. As a first step, we want to hear what kind of community organizing you think would help Homer?

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Upcoming Events

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What is the Future of Hatcheries in Alaska

How are Alaska's hatchery operations effecting our wild salmon? How good a job is Alaska doing at monitoring these impacts? What policies are appropriate when we have limited data? Can we afford not to know what’s going on in our fisheries?

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Oil and Gas is Trying to Stop Renewables on the Kenai Peninsula

HEA decided this summer to build a giant 93 megawatt hour battery on our grid--which will allow us to integrate significant renewable energy. Now, the Cook Inlet Natural Gas Storage Association is complaining to the Regulatory Commission and trying to stop it. Comment by May 21.

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Thank you for helping to protect beautiful Kachemak Bay!

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