Tell our Reps NO to Oil and Gas in Kachemak Bay!

HB 82 would allow lateral drilling technology combined with fracking to open up vast portions of Kachemak Bay. DNR is blunt about their larger plan - they want to fundamentally change the way Alaska treats areas closed to drilling, like Kachemak Bay. Lateral drilling technology allows companies to drill six miles or more into areas closed to drilling from platforms outside the closed area.  

Kachemak Bay was closed to oil and gas development in 1976, with local area fishermen concerned about impacts to crab, shrimp, herring, salmon and other sea creatures, leading the way. The ecosystem and fisheries of the Kachemak Bay Critical Habitat Area are still vulnerable to irreparable harm from oil and gas development

HB 82 is a sneaky way to try to get around this very clear legal prohibition.

Our region needs renewable, sustainable energy like hydro and wind. Fossil fuels threaten our way of life--they are not the future.

Tell our Reps NO.

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